What is the Day of the Dead

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Day of the DEAD is to celebrate LIFE

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I’m Mexican born artist that lives in Australia and since I was a little girl I loved the day of the dead celebration in mexico city. But living outside Mexico I realized that the day of the dead is not very welcomed in other cultures, specially here in the western world.

My house is all decorated with little colorful skulls and funny sculptures of skeletons getting married, dancing, drinking and singing. People come and are amazed by them and even children get a bit frighted, and it’s because they have not been exposed to this festivity and way we look at death.

We all going to die and there is no denying, no matter where we live or which culture we have, death is going to happen to all of us. In Mexico the culture is like making fun of that slogan, yes we are going to die but in the after life we will be partying all the way through, so don’t be afraid.

Mexican day of the dead has evolved through the years and has changed. In the beginning it was to remember the dead people that died due to sacrifice by the Aztecs. I have to admit that the Aztecs where very brutal culture and they used to capture other tribes and kill them during the ceremonies as a sacrifice to the gods. So the culture was about certain amount of people had to die so others can live (no much difference now with war) and every year they had to remember the ones that gave their lives to us and that is why the day of the dead is such a big deal in Mexico.

Today we don’t celebrate the death of the people that die for us, instead we have change it to our relatives and close friends and because of the Spanish influence with the catholic religion that believes in ghosts and souls, now the Mexican culture has change to wait for the souls of our relatives because once a year they come out (wherever they are) and dine with us. So that is why we have the ofrendas offers of food to our dead relatives.

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